Learning Lunches for Artists Feb. 10

LLfA 2Friday FEBRUARY 10 from 11:45 to 1 pm

Create a Vision Board with Rachel Comeau

Looking to create with more purpose or unlock the secrets of you? Vision board to the rescue!

Rachel Comeau is an artist, illustrator, writer and educator (www.rachelcomeau.ca). She will lead you through creating your own ‘mini’ vision board, an innovative yet simple tool that can bring clarity and focus to a creative mind. Through group reflection, we will access our unconscious and gain a fresh and motivating view into ourselves and our creative pursuits.

Supplies will be provided. If you would like to bring your own, please do. You’ll need: Glue stick, pencil or pen, scissors and copious amounts of old magazines.

PARKING: IMPORTANT! Please park in front of the Baxter Arts Centre, or on Main Street, *not* in the lot across the street.

Location: Baxter Arts Centre, 3 Stanley St., Bloomfield

FREE to members of Baxter Arts Centre and PECAC, or $5 donation otherwise.
Bring your lunch, bring a friend and bring lots of questions!

The Baxter Arts Centre in partnership with the Prince Edward County Arts Council presents Learning Lunches for Artists. This series of informal learning sessions is designed to help our community of local artists and “artrepreneurs” build their skills and knowledge in a variety of areas.

The lunches are held monthly, and detailed information is posted on Baxter Arts Centre facebook page.

Next Learning Lunches will be on March 10, April 21, and May 12.

Do you have a topic you’d like to see covered in Learning Lunches for Artists? Would you like to be a presenter? Please get in touch with us at info@pecartscouncil.org