Art in the Vineyard Report

Art In The Vineyard

Sometimes you just have to take the leap, make Art In The Vineyard for example, to find out what free-spiritedness means.

Last weekend I was delighted to be artist-in-residence for Art In The Vineyard.

Prince Edward County is famous for it artists and its wineries, so it would be natural for The Baxter Arts Center, Bloomfield, and Sandbanks Estate Winery, Wellington, to join forces to put on a fun weekend of creativity for all and to drum up a little financial support for the Baxter’s Community Art Programme.

Art In The VineyardCanvases and paints were supplied. And visitors painted the beautiful scenery while roaming the vineyards. Not only did they produce amazing works of art but they created great memories too.

One little boy, Oliver, was shy at first, not sure whether it would be ‘cool’ to do something he’d never done before. Two ladies thought it would be fun but needed to go into the winery’s tasting room first, just to gain a little dutch courage!

But everyone, who picked up a canvas and a brush and asked, “Where do I start?”, had a wonderful time.

My job was to provide encouragement. “We’re playing and having some fun with a bit of paint. You remember how to play, don’t you?”  For some it was a fond memory which soon came back to them when the laughter began, the self-consciousness relaxed the and the free-spirits began to fly.

Sometimes you just have to take the leap to remember what happiness feels like.

You can still donate. Go to and click their ‘Donate Now’ button.

Take a step. You may find a workshop or course you’re interested in and before you know it, you’ll be leaping!