We have NEW HEAT!

heatingLocal chicken barns had better heating systems than the one in the BAXTER ARTS CENTRE in Bloomfield! The old system rumbled and roared to life drowning out any form of concentration or for that matter, conversation. It was chilly even when the furnace was blasting, but it did prevent the pipes from freezing in the winter months. Originally built as the Baxter Canning Factory’s canteen, its cool and noisy atmosphere ensured the employees did not dally over their lunch. Over the past two years the Baxter Arts Centre has been renovated, painted, restored and reactivated as a community centre. Enter Paul Rutter, of Rutter Bros. a local Bloomfield Heating contractor.  Rutter said,” This is a great new community art centre and we wanted to support it.”   The new furnace is a 96{bf6985eb8c5474203846481de7edb561f50461bc1607a34aed82d41e0fa6dac0} efficiency, forced air, natural gas configuration with a modernized spiral duct system.   It is so quiet that you can hear a pin drop.   As part of his commitment to the village and community, Rutter is providing the arts centre with generously flexible terms. This will give the BAXTER ARTS CENTRE the ability to hold exciting new programs this fall.