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Prizes Announced for the Winners of the
Baxter’s Chump Change Challenge

Prizes that will be awarded to the four heaviest cans turned into the Baxter Arts Centre on 30 October as part of the Chump Change Challenge.

The Saylor House Café and PEDEGO Electric Bikes Prince Edward County have teamed up to offer one of the prizes!

A picnic lunch for two will be made by the Saylor House Café. Sandwiches, salads and desserts will be selected by the Challenge winners from the Café’s regular menu.

Saylor House Café, 274 Main Street,Bloomfield, Ontario K0K 1G0. 
Phone: 613 393 5858

Two all-day (10am to 5pm) electric bike rentals from Pedego Electric Bikes Prince Edward County. Handlebar bag, helmet and lock are included. Minimum age 16.

Pedego Electric Bikes, 39 Stanley Street, Unit C, Bloomfield, Ontario, K0K 1G0. 
Phone: 613-393-9191

Drake Properties and the Drake Devonshire have generously donated a Drake Red Card to be awarded as a prize by the Chump Change Challenge. 

The Red Card may be used toward a midweek, one night stay for two at the Inn (valued at $350) and a dinner for two (valued at $100). The Card may be used toward a sleep over and dinner but may not be used for taxes and staff gratuities. 


Huff Donates Wine as Prize

The Huff Estates Winery has generously donated a case of 2018 Riesling Off Dry (12 bottles) to be awarded as a prize by the Chump Change Challenge. The Riesling will go to one of the four heaviest cans turned into the Baxter Arts Centre on 30 October when the Challenge wraps up. 

Richard Leach Donates Artwork

Richard Leach has generously donated a recent work of art to be awarded as a prize by the Chump Change Challenge. Richard is a Bloomfield artist, an award winning graphic designer, design consultant, brand manager and illustrator.
Richard’s donated work is called “… in the woods.” It is a giclée print, which is a term coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Duganne for fine art digital prints. The artwork has to do with the ‘happy place’ Richard’s father found out in the woods, which surrounded their former home in what is now Mississauga when it was still rural. There was a steep ravine behind the house and a small stream at the bottom that eventually emptied into the Credit River. Richard and his siblings played in the ravine as children and discovered wildlife of many kinds there. They spent much of their childhood outdoors exploring. The image Richard has created is a significant reminder of more innocent times. Richard discovered later, after his father passed away, that he had used the woods as his ‘happy place’ when things were difficult and where he found solace.


Curious? Here’s  how you can participate! Email Let him know you’d like to take up the Challenge. He’ll make sure you get a can to collect that dreaded coin clutter. The Challenge goes on until the end of October. So if you do want to participate call Larry today! By November 15, you will be notified if you have won one of four prizes. Prizes will be given for the four heaviest cans (Hint: the larger coins weigh a lot more than dimes or pennies). Tax receipts will be issued for donations of $10 or more.

*    The phrase “chump change” first popped up in the mid-20th century. Its meaning today is “a small or trivial amount of money.” Maybe so, says Gillian Maloney but it’s welcomed and needed to help “The Baxter” continue to provide affordable arts education and programming to the residents of Prince Edward County.