Dance Our Way Home!

dance-imageSunday October 16

1:30 to 4pm

Women only
The fee for this class is $15.
Any proceeds will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.


Dance Our Way Home

This 2 hour, women-only, session of movement meditation (Ecstatic Dance) is meant for everyone from beginners to the well-practiced. With Loving Kindness, we grow in Sisterhood.

What is ECSTATIC DANCE, you ask?

Do you have trouble sitting still to meditate – or perhaps you’re looking for another movement or meditative outlet? Enter your body and your being through movement to meditative music – a practice that needs to be experienced to be truly appreciated. The body knows.

Dance Our Way Home™ (DOWH) is for anyone who longs to unite their spirit with their body. DOWH is a gentle and healing movement practice that takes us on a sacred journey to tap into deeper places within our own beautiful, uniquely creative spirit. It encourages connection with others in a warm and accepting community. It’s an invitation to experience the joy and rejuvenation of moving, enjoy a sense of homecoming and belonging, and a chance to nourish yourself with love and care.

A DOWH session offers a mix of free-style and guided dance, relaxation and guided meditation, combined with life-affirming, spiritual practices. You’ll be led on a spiral dance journey accompanied by a varied and vibrant mix of music – to connect to yourself, to community, and then back home to yourself. No need to worry about following any steps because there are no steps!

This particular spiral dance will be rooted around the invitation to “Just Be” as you feel your feet on the Earth Mother and reconnect with self, spirit and body. Acceptance of self is the way to joy and freedom.

Ecstatic Dance is a practice that has changed Jules’ relationship with her body and she is excited to share her learning. This event is for women only.

Contact Jules: 705.559.2273 or Email:

The fee for this class is $15. Any proceeds will be donated to the Heart and Stroke Foundation.