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How we Started

In 2010, the County of Prince Edward declared the Baxter Building located in the Village of Bloomfield surplus to its needs. A group of local individuals saw the need to preserve this historic building as a creative place for the arts and a space for community events.

In February 2011, “Making Art” A Proposal for the Don Baxter Memorial Building” was submitted to the County and was followed by an oral presentation in Council March 2011. The bid to purchase the building was successful.  Bloomfield Centre for Creativity Inc. was incorporated and the property was acquired in June 2011.

Since then, improvements have been made to the building. A new roof and eaves troughs were installed, windows, storms and screens were refurbished and painted, the floor was repaired, and the walls and floor painted. The kitchen has been completely renovated and an accessible washroom has been added.  A new heating system has been installed and the old “beaverboard” ceiling in the building has been replaced with drywall. Plans are advanced to improve the entranceway, add storage areas and insulation, and upgrade the wiring in the main hall.

Programming began in the fall of 2012 and has continued since then. See our current programs here.