The Agony and Ecstasy of Colour

Colour is one of the most appealing aspects of painting but getting the colour right is often a major source of frustration for artists. How do you choose your palette? How do you mix your colours?

We will be reviewing the distinctive qualities of colour including: value, hue, chroma and temperature. With this base we will explore how any colour can be mixed from primary colours and how to create a palette which will illuminate and strengthen your painting while reflecting your personal style. 

March 7, 2-5 pm. Register here.

About the Instructor Jodi Shuster:  My love of painting and drawing spans four decades. This passion led to my first career as an animator with its emphasis on drawing, movement and gesture enriched by countless life drawing sessions. My yearning for colour motivated me to study painting at Concordia University. When I returned to animation it was as a background painter. I started my full-time painting career in 2004. I have had several solo shows and have been in juried shows in Toronto. I have had representation by galleries in Toronto and Montreal.