Find Your Funny

Whether you are a beginner looking to get a leg up in developing your first 5-minute routine or a master looking to reinvigorate your writing routine; all levels can benefit from this class. Regardless of the genre in which you write, having comedic skills in your toolbox can help you create stronger characters and more engaging stories. Comedy can enhance your creative process and build a deeper relationship with your audience. (everybody loves to laugh) Nurturing comedy writing skills can help you stand out to editors, publishers, and producers. Or just make you more memorable when reading presentations or marketing your work.

Through a series of writing exercises, class feedback and course materials, you will learn the basics of joke structure, how to generate and edit material, and polish that material. The tools learned in this workshop can be applied to building a stand-up act, writing satire articles, sketches or tv submissions, punching up a script or creating more engaging speeches and presentations. They say, “You can’t teach funny.” But you can teach how to, Find Your Funny.

About Jeff Elliott: Jeff Elliott is a 20-year veteran of the comedy scene. Jeff started out at the Second City in Toronto where he successfully completed the prestigious Conservatory Program which culminated in a sketch comedy show that was met with rave reviews. The performance bug led to trying stand up comedy and the rest as they say is history. His 15-year career with Yuk Yuks has led to multiple awards and nominations and found him touring all over the world making people laugh. While not on stage Jeff has also made a name for himself as a copywriter and working with major studios as a script editor and punch up writer. Through this workshop, Jeff will pass along some of his wisdom and help guide you on your way to creating consistently funny content.
Date: November 13
Time: 1:00 to 4:00 pm
Price: $50


Rescheduled for Fall 2021 – Date TBD