Yin & Yang Yoga (Fall #1)

Come back to balance with this combination Yin and Yang yoga. Yin/Yang yoga allows for a foundation for inner and outer balance. Through active and passive poses students connect with their inner messenger and learn how to nurture themselves. Hot stones are incorporated during savasana giving a spa like feel to the class. A perfect way to end a busy day.

Cost: $85 for 7 weeks or Drop In $15/class; Registration before first class in each session

Contact: Email Carrie at lightlaughlove@gmail.com to register. Space is limited.

About Carrie: Carrie started practicing yoga in 1995 with the news of her first pregnancy. Looking for something that would stretch and strengthen her newly forming body, relax her mind and ease the anxiety of childbirth, yoga was the perfect fit. Many years later, as a certified Hatha yoga instructor, she creates an open and safe environment in which new and experienced students can comfortably practice yoga.